Blocks Fevrio!
Addicting puzzle adventure

Blocks Fevrio!

Blocks Fevrio! is a free online block puzzle game. It's similar to Tetris, but without gravity. In each round, you get 3 pieces of tetris-like pieces to place anywhere on the 8x8 board. Fill a line either horzitontally or vertically to clear it and earn points. Clearing lines subsequently within 3 moves will earn you combo points. As you place more pieces on the board, the game becomes more difficult. The game ends when you can't place any more pieces on the board. What's the best highscore you can achieve in this easy to learn, but hard to master block puzzle adventure?

How to play Blocks Fevrio?

Use mouse or your finger on a touch screen to drag and drop pieces onto the board.

Why was Blocks Fevrio created

Fevrio's motto is to create fun and free games played by everyone. Tetris like block puzzle games are one of the many classic video games that never get old. The intuitive and casual nature of the game enables anyone to be able to learn the rules of the game within seconds. We developed Blocks Fevrio completely in house so you can have a premium block puzzle experience. Our goal is to create fun online games accessible by anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Tips for playing Blocks Fevrio

Though the rules of Blocks Fevrio are casual and straightforward, achieving a highscore in the game requires clever strategies. The two main methods of gaining scores in Blocks Fevrio are placing pieces and clearing lines. In other words, you want to aim to place as many pieces and clear as many lines as possible to maximize your final score. Most importantly, chaining line clear combos give you the most score. Since you only need clear lines within every 3 moves to create a combo, it is important to use the spare pieces to keep the board filled in between combos, so you don't run out of filled cells on the board to chain combos. Keep these tips in mind when playing the game, and you will for sure beat your friends at playing Blocks Fevrio!

What's coming next for Blocks Fevrio

The game will continue to be updated regularly to give you fresh new gameplay. Daily puzzles, adventures, and stats tracking are all in development to create the best casual puzzle game experience. The game will also be released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so you can download the game and access it easily offline. However, if you prefer, you can also play the game without any downloads easily in your mobile browsers. If you enjoy Blocks Fevrio, we think you will definitely also enjoy our upcoming flavors of the game, Hex Fevrio and Trigs Fevrio!